Latest Issue: 50 (Winter 2011)
Feature Stories

Despite What You've Heard, Zines Aren't Dead
Liz Worth investigates the survival of zines and finds that they're more important than ever

Broken Pencil's 15 Year Timeline

50 People (And Places) We Love

Also in this Issue

from Ayun Halliday, Matthew J. Trafford

by Greg Gerke, Kim Chinquee, Erik Wahlstrom, Tom Luckie, Fan Wu, Fan Wu

64 reviews

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Random Review

Flesh Wounds and Purple Flowers: The Cha-Cha Years
Flesh Wounds begins with its protagonist, Camilo, wandering in the frenetic energy of a Santiago market. Here, he remarks upon the scent of "an alchemic stew whose whiff impregnates the air." This detail is an apt description of the novel itself. It's a story filled with alchemy, irreversible changes and miraculous transitions. Likewise, it is a sensorial text, ripe with the smells, textures and savours of men. While there's a fair amount of globetrotting in the book, the bulk of this travel is... Read more.

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