Latest Issue: 50 (Winter 2011)
Feature Stories

Despite What You've Heard, Zines Aren't Dead
Liz Worth investigates the survival of zines and finds that they're more important than ever

Broken Pencil's 15 Year Timeline

50 People (And Places) We Love

Also in this Issue

from Ayun Halliday, Matthew J. Trafford

by Greg Gerke, Kim Chinquee, Erik Wahlstrom, Tom Luckie, Fan Wu, Fan Wu

64 reviews

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Random Review

The East Village Inky
This issue revolves around our hero's triumph as a summer camp counsellor, getting the kids to take part in a Viking funeral for their regrets and trying to make them enjoy Terry Gilliam films such as Brazil and Time Bandits (which they don't). We also get to partake in her misery through various memories of digging through garbage cans for lost retainers. Ayun's digressions are entertaining, as we get to read about the time when Gilliam guest lectured a class when she was in college, and we als... Read more.

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