Internship Program

General Overview

Interns accepted into the Broken Pencil Magazine Internship program will encounter firsthand all aspects of magazine publishing. Our program is part time and runs for 5 months. Interns do everything from blogging to selling ads to copyediting to writing book reviews to helping set up cover shoots to staffing our table at zine fairs.

How Our Program Works

Interns will have four practicum sessions of five weeks duration each. Each practicum session will be supervised and overseen by one of the main members of the Broken Pencil staff. Lindsay Gibb (editor), Nathaniel G. Moore (assistant editor/books editor), Tara Gordon-Flint (business manager/marketing manager), Hal Niedzviecki (publisher). Interns will meet regularly with their supervisor, be assigned a special 5 week long project, and assist with the regular duties of their supervisor. In this way they will be exposed to all aspects of creating and publishing a culture magazine in Canada.

Interns will also have regular duties throughout their 5 month internship. Duties will include blogging/twittering, assisting with the creation of the magazine, picking up and sorting the mail, and attending all staff meetings.

Though our internship is unpaid, interns will receive a small honorarium upon completion of each of their 4 practicum sessions.

Interns will work out of our office which is in downtown Toronto (Baldwin and Beverly) as well as out of the home offices of their supervisors as necessary (all in the downtown Toronto area accessible by public transit). Sometimes we participate in special events to promote the magazine, usually on weekends, and we expect our interns to be available to help us staff these events.

Who Should Apply to our Intern Program?

We are looking for mature, serious individuals with a demonstrated interest in magazine publishing and arts/culture writing. Prospective interns need to show that they are:
* committed to pursuing a career in magazine publishing.
* passionate about independent arts and culture.
* have excellent writing and communication skills.
* are familiar with the content and intentions of Broken Pencil magazine.
* are completely committed to completing the Broken Pencil Magazine Internship program and have the time and wherewithal to do so.

If you are considering applying, please email Lindsay Gibb at and let her know your intentions. She will tell you what time periods we have available for upcoming internships and what the deadline is for our next selection process.

Broken Pencil Magazine * PO Box 203 Station P Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2S7 * phone: 416 204 1700.