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A Month of Zinesters: Andrea Manica

By Victoria Hetherington

Next up, we ask Kitchener’s own Andrea Manica about the inspiration behind her prolific and award-winning zine-making.

Based in: Toronto, ON

Bio: Andrea Manica currently lives in Toronto, where she bakes vegan treats and creates wise-and-whimsical zines and illustrations. Andrea teams up with zinester/Broken Pencil contributor Harley R. Pageot to create Summer Tears, an award- winning minicomic about, in Manica’s words, ‘heartbreak and hope.’

"I make zines out of habit and compulsion! I want to take my love of crafts and books and drawing and share it, hopefully inspiring someone along the way. Zines are a great way of getting your work out into the world. I haven't completed a zine as of late, though I'm working on Summer Tears #2, a continuation of the mini comic I started with my friend Harley last year. We plan to put out six issues - and I've got to get in gear if I want to have them all done before six years go by! So many projects, so little time. I'm excited for the fairs and exhibitions that start near the end of summer which will encourage and pressure me to make more, more, more zines. Zines are so great because you are working for yourself! You can make them however you want and you are in complete control of how they'll turn out, from the binding to the colours to the paper you use. What a feeling to be totally satisfied with a little book you've folded and cut and glued yourself. And when you're proud of it, when it's 100% yours, other people will be able to sense the sincerity behind your work. Yay for total self-expression! Zines are good, and they are good for you."

For more illustrations – including a set of giggle-out-loud posters, see
More of Andrea’s work:

July 22, 2011

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