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A Month of Zinesters: Jeannie Phan

By Claire Scherzinger

Back in Toronto, Broken Pencil asked Jeannie Phan, of the zine Hair is Dead, about the inspiriation behind her awe-inducing, Hayao Miyazaki-reminiscent artzines.

Based in: Toronto, Ontario

Bio: Jeannie Phan is a freelance illustrator currently finishing a Bachelor of Design at OCAD.

“I make zines because I love the idea of spreading my art to people who will enjoy it in a way that is so personal and intimate. I love the crafting part of zine-making: from choosing the paper to meticulously assembling each zine by hand. Knowing someone will read and interact with my zines makes it extra exciting and I plan according to how each person will experience a creation I've done. It's something I'll never give up!”

July 27, 2011

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