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A Month of Zinesters: Nicki Sabalu

By Victoria Heatherington

Back down in the States we visit with zinester mastermind Nicki Sabalu of DIY or Don’t We.

Based in: Washington State, USA

Bio: Sabalu is a hands-on zinester with a heavy focus on the influence of community: she created one of her first major zine projects, Crescent City Stories, after two months of volunteer work in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. Her current project, DIY or Don’t We?, gathers the voices of her fellow American zinesters, explores the influences of their webs of connectivity and speaks to ‘doing
things together as friends, family, collectives, and communities.’ Both issues are best-sellers, and Sabalu is hard at work on Issue three.

"I make zines because the world is full of stories, and the process of creating a zine can be a good way for me to challenge myself to articulate my own experiences and observations, and build up the courage to share them with others. I also make zines because I love reading them, and it’s one of the best ways I can think of to contribute to a community that has given a lot to me. The most recent zines I’ve helped make are compilation zines (D.I.Y. or Don’t We?) and I really like doing them because it’s a neat opportunity to hear the perspectives of others, and to learn about d.y.i./collaborative projects from other parts of the world."

Watch Nicki demonstrate her zine-making skills: demonstrates-how-to-make-a-zine/

July 28, 2011

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