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Queen of the Universe

Body: I turned thirty not very long ago. So did Jeannette, publisher of one of Canada's most enjoyable zines. Maybe it's because we are the same age that I always find Jeannette's ruminations about life so applicable to my own existence. At any rate, Jeannette at thirty has paid off her student loan (after seven years "of constant struggle" - good system oh mighty government of Canada!), has a job she hates, dyes her hair and cuts her bangs "short to look cute", and lusts after shaggy Japanese boys. More importantly, thirty year old Jeannette has won a full scholarship to the Vancouver film school, to which her mother replied, "well it's about time you've done something good with your life." Nice, Mom. Anyway, we already know that I like Queen of the Universe, but I have to say that at 30 Jeannette has come into her zine making own! Lots of short pithy weirdness, including celebrity sightings and Kristen Walmsley's account of her various strange-ass illnesses. There's also a great interview with Toronto filmmaker Alan Zweig, who did the movie Vinyl, about obsessive record collectors. Thanks for the birthday present! (HN)

zine, #6, Jeannette Ordas, $2, PO Box 95024, 370 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5T 4T8

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