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Game Tunnel Magazine

Body: A launch site for indie gaming, Game Tunnel has been around for four years now, offering up a huge library of indie game titles for download. The magazine, as co-founder Russell Carroll admits, was always a project in the back of his mind. Available in PDF format, the magazine goes well beyond what the site offers. In addition to the standard gamut of reviews and previews, there´s a great editorial section. Carroll himself tackles the age-old question of where does indie leave off and corporate begin in the realm of indie gaming. Does it exist in the financing, the ideas, or is it merely a question of where one draws the development line? Cofounder Dan Macdonald offers up an equally fascinating piece about indie game development with the XBOX 360, and subsequently other console platforms. With Microsoft announcing that XBOX game modification would now be open to anyone with a computer, of course gamers are curious. However, console remain an indie-unfriendly realm -- mods are only allowed through a series of restrictions, and of course, a fee. The zine rounds itself out with interviews with current indie game developers and a huge review section of all the latest indie games that you can find on the site to try out. Always an exhausting endevour, its nice to see some much deserved exposure for the development of indie gaming. (James King)

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