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People who talk about nothing save themselves

By Fan Wu


what can we do

with a window in our room peering out into patchy grass
which leers at us, guarantees us suicide,
beckons for our legs to dangle on its sill, and
yearns for our inevitable plunge?

scorn the fall for the ascent of the noose,
the polish of the shotgun,
the silence of the pills.

what do we do

with a grandfather who blows his halitosis onto the birthday cake? the room reeks of his spittle.
when I was younger and still scared of the dark I walked into my grandpater's room, looking for solace. instead I found his wistful claw resting upon his curious crotch, staring at an asian girl taking anal penetration from an anonymous white male. my grandfather is a member of Falun Dafa, a Buddhist cult which believes in meditation and the fall of communism. in the mornings he sits in a lotus position and contemplates bad 'new wave' muzak. in the evenings, with my hog of a grandmother gone, he sits crosslegged in a desperate attempt to spill his seed
just one last time to prove there is something of worth left in him
something in him which can create.

what is to be done

with a pessimistic prescience
that ruins every relationship that was to be, and now will never become?
every imperfection on a fellow human being gapes, void-like, until the people around you no longer have faces; they are giant assholes instead.
climb into each crevice to count the sins racked up through excessive judgement of others,
then turn your blind eye unto yourself and place yourself in one of the nine circles of hell.

Demonstrate for me, reader, the inevitability of the fall.

"people who talk about nothing, save themselves"
"people who talk about nothing save themselves"

Fan Wu is a first-year student of Ethics and English at the University of Toronto. He believes that the two are rarely compatible, but when they are, truly great literature is produced. Though he still inhabits his influences, he is finding slivers of an original voice in the newness of the everyday. He wants to meet you like nothing else.

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