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Body: This Toronto-based arts and culture journal is all over the map with contributors ranging from Milan to Victoria to Buenos Aires. That's a good thing: one of the strengths of this magazine is its range. This isn't a magazine featuring the usual suspects. I was particularly taken with Fabrizio Caliguri's insect/pop star mashups, and I was also struck by A.J. Kandathil's memoir-esque short story "Signs of Life." Sprawling over 100-plus pages, including multi-page tributes to Sonja Ahlers, Istvan Kantor and the Dandy Warhols, there are, inevitably, some unfortunate shifts in quality and some jarring shifts in tone. But overall, Burner is well worth a look, with high production values and an impressive willingness to make the complicated accessible while resisting simplification. (Hal Niedzviecki)

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