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Body: This online Montreal-based arts mag has been up for a few years now, publishing online twice a year. With the latest issue (#12), the site has a new look and the issue features some prison-based gems including Finn Clarke's "Letters Out" which is inspired by her work in prisons and Albert Murray's telling of how he ended up in prison.

A highlight of this issue is a series of compelling photos from a defunct B.C. Ferry taken 10 years later by Ryan Walter Wagner. His stark photos come with a nice little personal account of his journey to find the docks (including his encounter with an electric fence).

Since the poetry, non-fiction, and short stories on the site are generally posted on a by-issue basis, updates are infrequent, but the a la carte section of the site provides a little between-issue content to tide you over until the next publishing date. (Timothy Green)

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