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Pins & Needles: Collected ramblings and such

Body: This zine is, as the subtitle describes, a collection of the author's rambling thoughts. At times, however, they're not quite so rambling, and they tend to be organized into neat, little, amusing chunks of words. These tidbits of writing have a wide range: one story describes the author loving a band he heard at a show before promptly forgetting what was so great about that band and then succinctly blaming it all on being high that night. Other stories include how Tori Spelling led him to an epiphany and the horrors of getting stuck in a jammed parking lot after a sports event or concert. The best thing about this zine is that it has a friendly, fun, conversational feel to it, as if you're just sitting down and shooting the breeze with the author. (Terry Harjanto)


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