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Baba Yaga And The Wolf


Toronto art duo Tin Can Forest (Marek Colek and Pat Shewchuck) follow up their well received book Pohadky with their first narrative work based on a story from Eastern European folklore. The results are a visually incredible feast for the eyes.

Baba Yaga And The Wolf tells the story of a young woman named Katerina and the lengths she'd go to save her cursed husband Ivan by making a deal with the Baba Yaga (a Slavic witch). The tale is told in a lush, non-linear, almost dream-like style with gorgeous depictions of forests as the backgrounds and some of the most creative word balloons I've seen. Baba Yaga And The Wolf is truly beautiful in its unconventionality and, I'd say, one of the best pieces of comic art of 2010. (Matthew Daley)

Tin Can Forest, 28 pgs, Koyama Press,, $15

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